This page contains the eQTS results: associations between polygenic scores and gene expression levels. The statistically significant eQTS are browsable, the full results can be downloaded.

2019-12-23: The previous version had the sign of all results swapped, this is now fixed (i.e. the Z-score is now relative to a polygenic score increasing a trait). The files now also include Bonferroni-adjusted p-values.
2018-12-19: We identified an issue in our initial full eQTS results file, where the Z-scores were not referenced to the effect direction correctly. This resulted in swapped Z-score signs for all the eQTS with other than GWAS P-value 0.01. This issue did not affect the browsable table or significant results file. Full results file has been fixed and replaced. Please re-download and use the file named eQTS_full_20181204.txt.gz from now on. README file has been fixed, updated and replaced.
2018-10-19: Initial data release

Significant eQTS

P-value PGS Gene Symbol Z-score Samples Cohorts FDR
P-value PGS Gene Symbol Z-score Nr Samples Nr Cohorts FDR